Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy meets the Matrix...








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  What if those little avatars in your PC game were real living human beings desperately trying to figure out the meaning of life as we know it?
What if your favorite simulation computer game was being played out on a real planet far, far away? And what if that planet was also a life-size game for someone else and its creator was fast tiring of the usual fun and games and was ready for something completely different?
Has the Earth finally reached its expiration date and become as obsolete as a game of Pong? Or can a brainy, if clueless, computer geek named Fred and a waitress/actress named Zoee save the Earth from being wiped out before the ultimate alien creator hits the delete key?
Wildly original, shockingly funny, and full of pranks, word puns, and the wonderful absurdities of life, this world is filled with six legged dogs with telepathic abilities, aliens with Napoleonic complexes, and even Albert Einstein!
You'll never look at your PC the same way again!